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There are many options for cafes in West End that we could choose from. However, if you want to try foods with distinctive tastes, then there’s this restaurant in the middle of West End, Queensland you will surely love.

West End Park Café, in West End Brisbane has been serving the daytime dining requirements and catering for close to 15 years. The cafe has perfectly mastered the professional yet relaxed ambience to satisfy their customers.

Here are some of the reasons you we loved this café:

Choices! West End Brisbane has a lot of choices when it comes to their catering menu. They offer different kinds of gourmet food for you to choose from. Their chefs can help with your requests for the food you would like to give your guests, styled to almost any crowd size.

Not only do you have a choice of what type of food you’ll get but if you need a venue for your next event or small gathering, they offer a comfortable function space or courtyard and are happy to work with you if you would like live music. And the best part is that they are flexible with your event theme if it’s a taco party, breakfast club or a little celebration in the office, they can do it for you.

Healthy Options. Aside from the diverse menu that they have, the cafe in West End Brisbane uses high quality and natural ingredients in their food. Past customers have been overwhelmed by the quality of their dishes. Their food has that “home away from home” flavor, made perfect by their sauces and marinades.

For their best-selling fruit drinks, they use a special technique called “Cold pressing”. The objective of this technique is to drink with the most nutrients with healthy benefits.

Quality Food for a Reasonable Price. The restaurant prides itself on their services, including customer service. They consider value for money, so they provide quality food that doesn’t burn your wallet. The relaxed ambience with interior and alfresco dining experience that you will get is a great bonus.

West End Park Café has a fantastic service when it comes to catering, promising that you will have tasty hot and cold hors d’oeuvres to try out. They guarantee that the first time you try the food, it will leave you coming back for more and that is why it is considered a quality restaurant and catering service in Brisbane.

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