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What Is The Cafe’s Most Popular Meal and Why?

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We at the West End Park Cafe & Restaurant are often asked ‘What is your most popular meal and why?’
What would you guess?

As it happens, our most popular meal is our $10 Lunch Meal Deal, which consists of a choice from our homemade burgers and sandwiches, a side of hot chips, and a soft drink in a can. Our customers appreciate this meal for several reasons: careful choice in ingredients, flexibility in your selection, and the inclusion of the side items- truly a delicious ‘full meal’ for only $10.

This is no ordinary sandwich lunch!
We have burgers: Fish Burgers, our special recipe Hamburgers, and Gourmet Vege Burgers.
We have sandwiches: Steak Sandwich, Ham/Cheese/Tomato Toastie, and Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich.

All orders are homemade and freshly prepared for you. Whether you have only a quick moment to grab a bite to eat or can take some additional time to fully enjoy our cafe ambience, our lunch meal deals are easy for you and your wallet. Come on in and try one today!

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