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So What Really Is Quiche? The Cafe Defines This Yummy Treat!

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It’s almost winter already again and the cooler weather means one meal sounds especially yummy… quiche! But, we know some people don’t know about the wonderousness that is quiche and may not even have tried it because they simply don’t know what it is. So, listen up and we’ll tell you ‘What Is a Quiche’:

Quiche is originally a French word (it’s pronounced KEESH, just in case you thought it was ‘quickie’!) and means simply a savory pie-like dish with a pastry crust on the bottom and a filling of eggs and milk (in the form of a custard) with additional options such as meat, fish, cheese, and/or vegetables. Despite its French name, quiche originated in Germany where the word originally meant ‘cake’.

Quiche is popular brunch food, but as a savory dish, it’s really adapable to any situation including picnics and potlucks.

The Cafe offers several varieties of quiche: Quiche Lorraine (bacon, onions, and cheese), Pumpkin, Spinach, & Fetta, Chicken & Corn, and Mixed Vegetable.

If you are ordering catering, a whole quiche will feed 6-8 people. There’s always a ‘Quiche of the Day’ special on our menu and often quiches grace our HotBox where slices of quiche may be taken home with you.

So come and by and give Quiche a try- we look forward to sharing this yummy treat with you!

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