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Let West End Park Cafe & Restaurant Take Care Of Your Office Meetings

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Do you find yourself dreading the hassle of organising yet another office meeting? Do you regularly scramble for what to serve and find yourself bored with your regular options? Look no further!

Whether you prefer to cater in or come out and meet in our welcoming Cafe space, we can easily cover all your meeting needs. The Cafe seats up to 80 people indoors, as well as having a spacious outdoor patio available.

Every meeting needs coffee, of which we have a large range, as well as many choices of teas.

Our full menu is available for meetings, allowing you to select a platter of toast, fruit, and Greek yoghurt, a sandwich tray, a selection of fresh quiches, or even a yummy assortment of desserts!

If you meet fairly often, you might like to set up an account with us so we can bill you by monthly invoice- just a way we like to make it easier for you. Now that you know you have food covered, how about that meeting?

Tips for a Great Business Meeting


Advance planning will help your meeting stay on track and achieve its goals. Write out what the purpose is for each meeting, what topics should be covered and the time needed for each, who is needed to attend the meeting and who will address what topics, the duration of the meeting, and what results you wish to happen as determined by the meeting. Send out the agenda to all attendees in advance so they too can be prepared to work.


The beginning of a meeting should focus on the purpose, agenda as announced, desired outcome, and a reminder of the duration set aside for the meeting and work that must be done during that time. Designate a person to keep the meeting ‘on track’ per the agenda and another to take notes and track any new issues that may need to be addressed later. Encourage participation by all attendees and periodically summarize what has been discussed so far. At the meeting’s end, create an action plan for moving forward and set a date and goals for the next meeting.


Thank all attendees for coming, provide them with official minutes, and remind them of the next meeting and any action items that relate to them. Solicit feedback on how future meetings may be improved in any way.

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