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Best Catering Ideas for Various Events

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When catering for events, you want to make sure that everything is well planned and executed, down to the smallest detail. After all, guests are constantly looking for tasty and quality food, friendly and efficient service and creative presentation.

If you’re worried about your next catering event in Brisbane or want some unique and memorable catering ideas that your guests can enjoy,Here are our suggestions to try:

1. Attendee Requested/Special Options

Worrying about your guests not enjoying the event? Try focusing on catering ideas that suit their tastes. Before the event, try to survey your guests about what they want to eat on the occasion. If you have guests that have special diets, accommodate them by having menu items that would fit their tastes.

2. Unique Food/Reinventions

Presenting the usual catering fare can leave your guests wanting for more. To keep your guests looking forward to your next event, try incorporating more exotic food in your catering menu. Just make sure that the exotic food selections still fit the theme of the event.

You can also try to reinventing some dishes on your menu. For example, during hot summer events, try serving Popsicle cocktails. You can also keep your guests awake and energetic on late night events with coffee desserts.

3. Creative Garnishes and Displays

Catering Brisbane on a budget? No worries! You can still make simple food choices exotic. Make your garnishes eye-catching, colorful, and deliciously enticing. Using an interactive display for your dishes is not only a unique way to present the dishes, but is also a great for the eyes to feast on, after all we eat with our eyes as much as taste.

4. Customise Menu for the Location or Theme

You have your menu ideas and how you would present them. However, are you sure they will fit the event? It’s best to match the menu to the event location or to find a workable theme with your clients to base the menu on. If the event is a more casual outdoor event in Queensland, go for some cold meats and fresh fruits. You can also choose one main ingredient as a theme and include it on all the menu items.

5. Interactive Food Stations

Nothing is more engaging than being able to have your guests participate in serving the food. Having creative, interactive food stations during the event would really be fun! Here are some you might want to try:

  • Roast Vegetables Medley
    Serve seasoned and roasted baby Brussels, carrots, beetroot, capsicum, zucchini, eggplant, and cloves in separate plates. Allow guests to choose which vegetables they want to have in their roasted vegetable medley.
  • Cereals to Go
    Is your event a corporate breakfast? A cereal bar will be the best go-to station. Choose all your favorite cereals and serve them in properly proportioned in small glasses and bowls. You can also have them packed for your guests to take home!

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