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Place a catering order for your special event today! We provide catering services Brisbane wide for a variety of different events. Whether it’s a corporate lunch in the CBD, a conference breakfast at South Bank, a dinner party at home or romantic picnic on the Brisbane River, West End Park Cafe & Restaurant has your catering services covered. Looking for Melbourne Cup caterers in Brisbane? To find out more about the way we deliver unforgettable catering services to our clients and their guests, read catering reviews here

We can deliver food to just about any suburb around the city, including South Brisbane and all major suburbs surrounding the CBD with our professional caterers. Catering is available Monday to Friday, or Saturday/Sunday at a surcharge of 20% in West End. To find out more about the way we deliver unforgettable catering services to our clients and their guests, read catering reviews here.

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Free delivery is available for orders to specific destinations. To receive free delivery (offer applies to West End, South Brisbane and CBD), your booking must be for a minimum order of $100. A 24 hour turnaround time is required, as we prepare all menu items from scratch using fresh ingredients. Please place your order as soon as your event details are confirmed to avoid disappointment.


Please do not hesitate to call us if you have a specific budget you would like us to work around or have any queries regarding quantities. We are flexible caterers as we cater for special dietary needs in West End, Brisbane. If you need further assistance with your catering please call us on 07 3844 2255 or emailinfo@westendparkcafe.com.au.



Individual Greek Yogurts

Plain, Berry, Mango or Passionfruit


Individual Greek Yogurts

Plain, Berry, Mango or Passionfruit


Individual Muesli & Choice of Greek Yogurt


Mini Cheese & Tomato Croissant


Mini Ham & Cheese Croissant


Bacon & Egg English Muffin


Avocado & Grilled Tomato English Muffin


BLT Bagel (Cut in 1/2s)


12 Mini Hash Browns


12 Assorted Mini Quiches


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Cakes & Pastries

Scones with Jam & Cream

Small (S): 4-6 people; Medium (M) 8-10 people; Large (L) 12-14 people

S$20.50 M$40.95 L $50.95

Selection of Muffins, Cakes, Slices & Danishes

S$39.95 M$56.50 L$79.95

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Fruit & Cheese Platter

A Selection of Quality Australian & Imported Cheeses served w Seasonal Fruits & Crackers

Small (S): 4-6 people; Medium (M) 6-8 people

S$38.95 M$58.50

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Fresh Salad Packs

Choice of salad

Mixed Vegetable, Crunchy Coleslaw, Pesto Chicken & Pasta, Tabouli, Mediterranean, Potato or Greek Salad
Individual(S):1 person; Medium (M): 4-6 people; Large (L) 6-8 people

S$5.50 M$33.95 L$43.95

Regular Sandwiches (Cut into ¼s)

Examples of Regular Sandwiches Include: Egg, Lettuce & Homemade Mayo; Chicken & Homemade Mayo, Roast Beef, Tomato & Fruit Chutney; Garden Salad & Mayo

$6.50 (add $1 extra for GF)

Mixed Gourmet Sandwiches (Cut into ¼s)

Examples of Gourmet Sandwiches Include: Smoke Salmon, Camembert, Capers & Lettuce; Turkey Breast, Cranberry & Coleslaw; Chicken, Swiss Cheese & Avocado; Mixed Vegetables & Swiss Cheese


Mixed Gourmet Upgrades (Rolls & Bagels)

Round Rolls & Bagels (Cut into ½s)


Paninis, Foccacias, Turkish Bread (Cut into ½s)


Wraps (Cut into ½s)


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Sushi Platter

A delicious selection of freshly made sushi bites with soy sauce.
Small (S): 4-6 people; Medium (M) 6-8 people

S$53.50 M$72.95

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Hot Savouries

24 Vegetarian Spring Rolls


12 Homemade Mini Sausage Rolls


12 Satay Chicken Skewers


12 Cocktail Vegetarian Samosas – (6) Pumpkin & Roasted Almond (6) Lamb


12 Mini Pies – (4) Peppered Steak, (4) Curry Chicken & Vegetable & (4) Lamb & Rosemary


12 Assorted Mini Quiches – (4) Lorraine (4) Spinach & Ricotta (4) Cheesy Chorizo


48 Frittata Bites- Pumpkin, Spinach & Feta/Ham & Cheese/Spinach & Ricotta/Cheesy Chorizo


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Hot Platters

Hot Asian Platter – 50 Pieces

Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Satay Chicken Skewers, Assorted Samosas (Pumpkin & Roast Almond and Lamb)


Warm Pastry Platter – 60 Pieces

Homemade Mini Sausage Rolls, Mini Assorted Pies (Thai Chicken, Peppered Beef & Vegetable Korma), Assorted Mini Quiches (Lorraine, Spinach & Feta and Sundried Tomato)


Seafood Platter – 50 Pieces

Fish Goujons, Calamari Rings, Battered Fish and Prawn Cutlets served with Homemade Tartare


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Homemade Gourmet Quiches

Per Quiche: 6-8 people



Pumpkin, Spinach & Fetta


Chicken & Corn


Mixed Vegetable


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Medium (M): 4-6 people; Large (L) 6-8 people

Roast Chicken Platter

Freshly Roasted Rosemary Chicken with Gravy, Dinner Rolls & Homemade Crunchy Coleslaw

M$67.95 L$87.50


Choice of pasta type: Tortellini/Veal Ravioli/Penne/Fettuccini Choice of pasta sauce: Carbonara/Bolognaise/Napoletana

M$62.95 L$77.50


Choice of Italian Beef/Grilled Vegetables/Chicken & Vegetables

M$62.95 L$77.50

Curries with Steamed Rice

Choice of Thai Curry Chicken – Red/Green/Yellow
Choice of Authentic Indian Curry – Beef Korma/Butter Chicken Curry

M$62.95 L$77.50

Casseroles with Steamed Rice

Stir-Fry Chicken and Vegetables (Chef’s Recommendation)
Beef Stroganoff
Breast of Chicken with Bacon in Mushroom Sauce

M$62.95 L$77.50

Hokkien Noodles

Cajun Chicken & Vegetables

M$62.95 L$77.50

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Spring Water

600ML – $3.20



Georgyboy Juice Range:

OJ, Apple, Pineapple, Lemonade,


Emma and Toms Sparkling Juices:

Lisbon Lemon, Lemon Lime and Bitters, Raspberry, Valencia Orange,Cloudy Apple, Natural Cola


Premium OJ

2L – $9.25


Soft Drinks

Coke, Coke Zero, and Diet Coke

600ML – $3.98

Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero

375ML – $2.50

Wimmers: Raspberry, Creaming Soda, Double Sars

600ML – $4.10

Emma & Toms Ice Tea: Apple Cranberry & Lime, Mint & Apple

450ML – $4.40

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